Information about COVID-19

The Summer Village is committed to ensuring the public's health and safety, and is following Alberta Health Services' recommendations to further support provincial efforts to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19.  

Some items in particular to be aware of:
  • The Summer Village has partially activated its Emergency Coordination Centre to plan and prepare for COVID-19.
  • Regular Council Meetings are being held virtually on Zoom.  Please see the event calendar for details on how to connect if you wish to join the meeting via computer or phone.  The full agenda is available here.
  • The playground, tennis courts and open spaces used to walk and cycle will still be open, as long as people follow all health orders including social distancing.
  • Travel to summer homes, cabins and cottages within Alberta is NOW PERMITTED.  Those choosing to travel within the province are reminded to consider local community guidelines and the health and safety of small communities. If planning a trip of this kind, prepare for minimal stops by packing food and stopping only if necessary.
    Albertans should not travel to summer homes outside the province.
  • Alberta Health Services has compiled a tool kit to help Albertans cope with the mental health challenges of this pandemic.  You can download the tool kit through this link. 

Playground Open

Please be advised that the Summer Village is not washing or sanitizing structures. Families are encouraged to use extreme caution around common touch points, carry their own hand sanitizer with them, restrict contact with those outside their family or cohort, and to stay home if they are feeling sick or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.

Users are reminded of and must follow public health guidelines including:
• Maintaining a two-metre physical distance from those not within your household
• Adhering to mass gathering restrictions put in place for outdoor activities
• Only sharing common equipment with members of the same family or cohort
• Carefully washing and sanitizing your hands before (and after) using all common areas
• Do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands

Courts: Beach Volleyball / Tennis / Basketball: Can be used with members of your household or cohort family
- bring your own equipment (i.e. volleyball, basketball, racquets, balls)
- come back another time if the court is busy

+ Gather in a group less than 50 people
+ Maintain 2 meters from others not in my household or cohort
+ Only share common equipment with my household or cohort
+ Stay home if I am experiencing symptoms (go home if I develop symptoms)
+ Wash or sanitize my hands and cough/sneeze into my elbow or a tissue
+ Disinfect equipment before and after use

Isolation rules:

To align with new federal rules under the Quarantine Act, Albertans under mandatory self-isolation are now required to remain inside and can only go for walks on their own property, such as their backyard, for the duration of their self-isolation.

They can no longer go for walks in their neighbourhoods or through parks until their self-isolation period ends.
People who live in apartment buildings or high rises must stay inside and cannot use the elevators or stairwells to go outside.
This applies to everyone in mandatory self-isolation – those who are feeling well and those who have symptoms of COVID-19 including cough, fever, shortness of breath or a runny nose.

Albertans are legally required to self-isolate for 14 days if they:
Returned from travel outside of Canada after March 12
Are a close contact of a person who tested positive for COVID-19 (provides care, lives with or has close physical contact, or comes into direct contact with infectious body fluids)

If you become sick during this time, you must self-isolate for an additional 10 days from the beginning of symptoms or until you are feeling well, whichever takes longer. Read more about how to self-isolate.

Do not flush wipes:

Items such as baby wipes, makeup remover cloths and disinfectant wipes do not decompose in the sanitary sewer system.  Flushing this material causes damage to the sewer system and may cause sewer backups in your home.

More Information

For more information, please visit our Pigeon Lake Regional Emergency Management website:
Fill out my online form.

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